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The Jrock -asylum- RPG


Chey [[zibaamen]]

Mel [[vishywishylvr]]
Kiikaa [[kiikaa]]

Dr. Camui discovered the broken down building and bought it off it's previous owner, hoping to turn it into what is now the Kobe Asylum.

Basement - Lockdown
Ground floor - Check-in reception/Recreational room/Cafeteria & Kitchen
First floor - Paitent rooms 101-120/1st floor bathroom
Second floor - Paitent rooms 201-120/2nd floor bathroom
Third floor - Medication office/Nurse area/Doctor's offices

Kobe Asylum map


☆ layout designed by kiikaa

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December, 30th, 2005

Isshi(blank_smile) and SIN(doko_ni_iru_no) are leaving~

they had fun, but the rp is like... dead. GASP omg someone said it!

and Tsu can still play with his koi whenever he wants >>;;

-Meru ♥
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drop [Thursday
December, 29th, 2005

Dropping Kaoru, I never played him much. Sorry! ^^
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December, 18th, 2005

[ Kikasa and Asagi have to go on hiatus. My computer's screwing up badly. I'm so sorry about this ]
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December, 3rd, 2005

[Droppage <3 I'm sorry T.T I just realllly don't have much time for this anymore. ;_; I'm sorry if this angers/etc. anyone. It was good while I could keep up~! Merry kurisumasuuuuu everyoneee <3 ]
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Claim [Saturday
November, 26th, 2005

Your name: Ryu
Jrocker: Tara
Band: Atelier-biz
Asylum position: Patient
Disorder: OCD and PTSD
Jrocker livejournal: trivial_sanity
AIM: Tara Atelier biz

Peecture!!Collapse )
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November, 25th, 2005

[ mood | bored ]

Hey kids, I just wanna inform you that Tetsu is very bored and such. Also I think I'm going to pick up another person if its okay with you all. Cuz maybe people don't wanna talk to Tetsu? Anywho I'm going to also rp under You (You-chan) From Janne da arc. Also because I wanted to be insane for once. ^.^

Your name: Jeshika/ Jessica/ Frank/ Franku....

Jrocker or original character: You, You-chan

Band: Janne da arc

Asylum position: Patient

Disorder: Genrel insanity.

AIM:  XXBadApplesXX


Picture,,, Cut for your friends list's pleasure ^.^Collapse )

Im me PLEASE. <3

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November, 23rd, 2005

Sorry but I'm dropping Hakuei and Ruka, it was fun while it lasted, and thanks for allowing me the chance..but I think it's about time I took my departure.
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Last log 8D [Wednesday
November, 16th, 2005

[ mood | content ]

::Zero and Asagi::G::None Really::A little while ago::

Summary: Asagi comes to see Zero with his pet snake. They chat...

A/N: And Last log for tonight. 8D I NEED TO RP ZERO MORE! HIT ME UP DARLINGS! ;__; he has no friends besides Asagi and is lonely...>_> Even though he forgets... AIM: Coinlocker I'm on alot...POUNCE ME!

I have no intention of sleeping with a female, and I have no brothers or sisters. Collapse )

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Even Moooore Loggage! [Wednesday
November, 16th, 2005

[ mood | crazy ]

::Uruha and Kikasa/Yuki::R?::Almost sex?::Halloween::

Summary:: Uruha goes over to Kikasa's and as planned they take Yuki out for Halloween, then go out to a party themselves.

A/N: And I have oooone more log 8D...This ones a little long...but...yeh...>_> Uruha's sexy so we'll forgive him. n.n

You're a constant tease, Uruha...Not just your thighs. Your personality...everything about you...Collapse )

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More loggage 8D [Wednesday
November, 16th, 2005

[ mood | cynical ]

::Uruha and Kikasa::PG::Molestage of Uruha's thighs and a little swearing::Before Halloween::

Summary: Kikasa's in a band and Uruha goes to see him play.

So I can't sign these hyper sensitive thighs then?Collapse )

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8D Log [Wednesday
November, 16th, 2005

[ mood | creative ]

::Klaha, Mao and Asagi::PG::None Really::Too long ago::

Summary: Klaha comes back for a short visit from Greece and meets up with Asagi and Mao.

A/N: I hope it was okay for me to bring klaha back for a little bit... .___. I miss him soo so soooo much. Anyway n.n!

You were such a tease that night.Collapse )

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CLAIM ^^; [Tuesday
November, 15th, 2005

[ mood | giddy ]

Your name: Miki~chan
Jrocker or original character: Shiramizu Takuma / seek
Band: Psycho le Cemu
Asylum position: Maid~~ ^^;
Disorder: He wants to be a woman. xD Hence why he wears the cute little french maid uniform...but I'm not sure that it's really a disorder. xD >>;
Jrocker livejournal: maid_for_you
AIM: psycho TENGU

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November, 15th, 2005

[ mood | relaxed ]

Its been a while hasnt it? Well...I just wanted to let everyone know I am still here. And I am still intrested in rp. I have just been really busy of late. I will try to do some more rp so I can post it on the community. If your intrested in rping with me, let me know. ^^

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November, 15th, 2005

>>>>>>>>>> READ THIS!! IT'S IMPORTANT!! <<<<<<<<<<Collapse )
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Claim y0! ^^v [Monday
November, 7th, 2005

[ mood | sleepy ]

Your name: noi
Jrocker: Jui
Band: Vidoll
Asylum position: patient
Disorder: hypochondria, intense claustrophobia, OCD(Obsessive Compulsive Disorder), ADD and maybe a few others XD;;
Jrocker livejournal: {{not required}}[[if u like me to make one, I will ^-^v]]
AIM: {{preferred}}Camuiyumisan

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^__^ [Saturday
November, 5th, 2005

[ mood | awake ]

Yomi's first day...and he meets Kaoru! Read the not so fun adventures when a person that hates everyone meets someone who is afraid of everyone...XD

Burn Baby BurnCollapse )

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^^; [Thursday
November, 3rd, 2005

[ mood | bouncy ]

Your name:Skylar
Jrocker or original character: Jrocker...Yomi
Asylum position:resident
Disorder:pryomania,insomnia,social anxiety disorder
Jrocker livejournal: sinsoftheflesh1
AIM: chibifided yuki

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November, 2nd, 2005

[ mood | okay ]

OMG I'm alive again!! mwahahaha!! >D

Well anyway, >.> Toshiya, Hide-Zou and Dokodemodora are going to be more active now. Winter performance rehersals have calmed down and are nearly done so yay! 8D

Oh and I changed my AIM to permanently be DarkxSunday
My old AIM name hates me and doesn't let me log in >.

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on hold on longer! <3 [Tuesday
November, 1st, 2005

Your name: Cassidy
Jrocker or original character: Kaoru
Band: Dir en grey
Asylum position: patient
Disorder: severe narcissistic personality disorder
Jrocker livejournal: xmentalxfoodx
AIM: drunkencatalyst

Oh and he's already claimed by Tero...XD

you know you want it..Collapse )
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Uhm uhm... [Friday
October, 28th, 2005

I'm considering dropping Ruki...

Any objections?

*stares at layout* XD awwu, and he looks so pretteh there too ;;
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