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8D Log

::Klaha, Mao and Asagi::PG::None Really::Too long ago::

Summary: Klaha comes back for a short visit from Greece and meets up with Asagi and Mao.

A/N: I hope it was okay for me to bring klaha back for a little bit... .___. I miss him soo so soooo much. Anyway n.n!

Klaha walked slowly up the path. Back to a place with old memories. He didn't want to go inside. What point would there be in doing that. He was content now. Happy with the life, fate had handed him from the moment that letter arrived. He smiled, sticking his hands in his coat pockets. Even Uruha didn't know about their coming back just yet. He'd surprise his best friend later. Klaha's now perfectly browned skin, almost glowed under the small amount of light that was around as he moved silently over the grass. Back to his old tree. A smallish smile crossed his lips as he moved to stand in front of the familiar person sitting under his tree. "Hey..." he said softly, kneeling down.

He looked up, a surprised smile plastered on his face when he recognized Klaha. "Klaha...You're back!" He moved forward and pounced on the other, landing on top of him and hugging him tightly.

Klaha fell backwards, arms going around Asagi and returning the tightness of the hold. "Only f-for a visit, but yeah...Back for now..."

He smiled as he looked down at the other. "I'm glad you're back, even if it's for a visit." He fingered the chain around his neck. "I still wear it...The only piece of jewelry I don't take off. I've missed you so much...” he bent down and started nuzzling Klaha's throat, smiling.

"I've missed you too babe..." He gave the body on top of him and in his arms a squeeze. "I'm glad you still wear it...How are you?"

He pulled away and sat back, his smile faltering a little. "I've been okay."

Klaha sat up, hands on the ground behind him. "What's been happening? It seems a whole lot in the month and a bit..."

He pulled his knees up to his chest and looked down. "Mn...A lot's happened. Die and I...Kamijo wants him to stop seeing me...Mao and I almost broke up...I met his parents...Just a lot..."

"Almost? So things were worked out?"

"As far as I know...I'm still afraid he'll leave me...”

"I don't think he will. Ever. Don't let your fears get the better of you."

He smiled a little, looking down. "He almost did...Klaha...have you ever felt broken?" he asked softly, staring at his knees.

"More than once...Yes."

"That's how I feel," he whispered, moving to lay his head on Klaha's lap.

"Split in two and without hope. Even though there always is hope. Too caught up to notice it holding its hands out for you to take. It's harsh." Klaha moved his hands gently into the ends of Asagi's hair. "Most broken things can be fixed with time and patience..."

He moved so his hair revealed the zipper. "Pull it down...” he whispered, wanting to show Klaha the tattoo.

Klaha's slender fingers slowly pulled the zipper of the top down, waiting for his eyes to adjust in the darkness before his mouth fell a little agape at the shown mess of half the beautiful tattoo.

"I'm a broken angel..." he whispered.”Mao designed the actual tattoo...and when Die left me, I had him ruin one of the wings."

He ghosted his fingertips over the air above the broken wing, feeling a mourning loss to delicate skin and mangled ink and stayed silent.

"You can touch," he whispered. "It still hurts...but it's not that bad anymore."

"Let it heal before anyone touches it..." Klaha said, looking sadly at the tattoo before pulling the zipper back up on Asagi's top.

He moved to sit up and wiped away the tears on his cheeks. "I miss him..."

"I have a feeling; you'll miss him a lot more before things settle..."

He moved forward and wrapped his arms around his friend. "I've missed you, Klaha. I wish you hadn't left us, sometimes."

Klaha wrapped his own arms around Asagi and kissed his cheek. "I've missed you too, and I promise that I'll be visiting more often..."

He smiled softly and nodded. "Mao-bear missed you, too. He's got a little friend now. Asagi-bear."

"Kawaii...Aww...I'm happy for that. They get along w-well ne?"

He nodded softly. "Mao-bear loves Asagi-bear."

"That's always good to hear..." Klaha smiled, placing his hands back down on the ground behind him to lean back. "I have something for you..."

He sat back against the tree, tilting his head a little. "Another present?"

"Yeah...Another present...I can't help the fact I love playing Santa..."

He bit his lower lip a little and looked down. "Mao likes playing Santa, too."

"I think most people like playing Santa..." Klaha delved into the pockets of his coat a second then removed them, black velvet rectangle on his palm as he held it out to Asagi. "I hope its okay..."

He took the box, running his fingers over the velvet before opening it, his mouth falling open as he stared at the pendant. "Klaha...It's beautiful..." He closed it and looked up at him. "I can't possibly accept this...I've done nothing to deserve it."

Klaha leant forward and pressed his finger to Asagi's lips. "Hush that. As a gift from me. It doesn't matter if you deserve it or not. I saw the design, and it reminded me of you. Accept it and keep it, but you don't have to wear it until you feel that you deserve it..."

He smiled against Klaha's finger, his eyes filling with tears as he pounced on his friend again, hugging him tightly. "Thank you..." he whispered.

"You're very welcome..." Klaha smiled, arms wrapping back around Asagi and gently kissing each cheek.

He smiled a little and stood up, brushing his outfit down. "Look at me, getting my outfit dirty."

"And a very nice outfit it is dear..."

His smile faltered a little again, but he put it right back up. "Mao got it for me..."

"I guessed as much. What will it take for you to smile again properly, Beauty?"

He sighed a little as he sat back down. "I don't know...”

"It'll make its self known to you. Things will settle and cool down. Because it's not all bad..."

He held his arms open, leaning back against the tree, being careful of his back. "Come here..." he whispered.

Klaha moved closer to Asagi as the other wished.

He smiled a little, wrapping his arms around Klaha and staring up at the sky. "You know what I remember the most about what we did together?"

"Mmhn...What's that?" Klaha asked, nestling gently back and looking up at the sky himself.

"Your dragon...” he whispered.

"I still have him. Albeit faded, but he's still there..."

"I remember you telling me that Hizumi gave him to you...I met him last night..." he whispered, closing his eyes tightly.

"Aye, He did..." Klaha pet gently at Asagi's arms. "He's not pleasant, not at all. What happened?"

"He pinned me to the ground....put a knife to my throat," he whispered, turning his head away from Klaha's. "He wanted to fuck me, but I struggled against him. Die pulled him off me...Die rescued me."

"I'm thankful for Die. Are you okay?"

"He cut my throat..." he whispered.”It wasn't much...and it's healed now, but it scared me...Hizumi almost got me."

"Don't let him trouble you. I doubt he'll come after you again, not after Die..." He said softly, wishing he could have been there for Uruha like Die had been with Asagi.

He nodded a little, turning his head back to Klaha. "Have you seen anyone else?" he asked softly.

"No, not yet. You're the first person I've seen. I thought it polite to wait until morning to go see Uruha instead of knocking when I know he'd be sleeping..."

"I wouldn't doubt it if Kikasa was with him..." he said softly, moving to sit both of them up.”How about we go see Mao? I'm sure he'd love to see you, and I can put your present away."

"Mmhn...I can give Mao his present too..." Klaha smiled, slowly standing up and offering his hand to Asagi to help him up also. "Shall we?"

He smiled and took Klaha's hand, brushing dirt and leaves off his outfit and body. "I'd like to."

Klaha walked slowly beside Asagi up towards Mao's office, gently knocking on the door when they got there. "Meowmeow?"

Mao eyes blinked open as he raised his head from the desk, left eye twitching shut. "Come in..." He called sleepily, stretching in his seat to wake up.

Asagi smiled and opened the door, blocking Klaha from Mao's sight. "Someone here to see you~" he said, grinning.

Mao looked towards the door, eyebrow raised as he tried to peak behind Asagi. "Who is it behind you ne?"

Klaha placed his hands gently on Asagi's hips and moved him into the room, kicking the door artfully closed behind him but still stayed hidden from view.

Asagi grinned and moved slightly forward before moving away from Klaha. "An old friend."

His eyes widened, mind suddenly awake as he leapt up from his chair and moved towards Klaha, arms wrapping around his slightly taller friend. "You never wrooote me back..." he pouted, poking Klaha in the middle of his chest.

"I did to, It just might not have gotten here yet is ‘all...You did leave it a little l-late..." Klaha grinned, tanned skin more noticeable in the light and he hugged Mao back.

Asagi smiled and moved to sit on the desk, crossing his legs at the knees, showing off more thighs unintentionally. "Why didn't you tell me you were writing to him, I would've sent a little note with it."

"Did not...but now your here you can tell me..." Mao bumped his hip against Klaha's pushing him towards the couch before falling to the ground and looked to Asagi. "Ahh...I should have, but it was a spur thing while Uruha and I were shopping..."

Klaha fell backwards onto the couch, soft rich laughter falling into the room as he nodded. "Well, now you know babe, and feel free to send letters as often as you like. Plus...To answer your question Meowmeow, Yes...We have..."

He tilted his head a little. "Have what? I'm so confused," he said, pouting.

Mao grinned, settling back and looking to Klaha, waiting for him to explain.

"Aoi and I got married, on our detour through San-Francisco on the way to Greece..." Klaha smiled, looking to the yellow gold ring on his finger and twisting it a little.

His eyes widened and he moved to jump on Klaha again, hugging him tightly. "Why didn't you tell me?! We were laying on the ground, you could've told me!" he said, poking Klaha's side. "Congratulations, honey. I'm happy for you," he said softly, kissing Klaha's cheek.

Mao giggled, moving up to join in the pile, kissing Klaha's other cheek. "And I the same, Uruha wouldn't tell meee..."

Klaha laughed a little louder, hugging both his friends back. "Thank you, Thank you...and all good news gets shared at some point ne." He grinned, kissing each of their cheeks back.

He bit his lower lip a little and handed the box to Mao. "Can you put this up for me? And maybe get a spare change of clothes for me?" he asked softly, still scared to go into the bedroom. He cuddled against Klaha, smiling a little.

"Yup yup..." Mao took the box, hauling himself up from the couch and moving towards the bedroom, gathering and putting away as Asagi requested.

Klaha smiled, delving into his pocket and pulling out a larger velvet box and snuggled back against Asagi. "Even though I love it there, it's nice to be back here for a little while..."

"How long are you staying?" he asked softly, looking up at Klaha.

"Around a week..." Klaha replied, looking down to Asagi. "But I plan on visiting at least once a month for a day or two..."

Mao came back after a few minutes, plopping down on the couch next to Klaha and latching himself to him.

He stood up a little, looking at the bedroom. "I should put something else on," he whispered, looking down a little.

"Oh oh..I knew I forgot to hand you something..." Mao pulled out a bundle from under his arms, handing the casual clothes to Asagi.

Klaha smiled a little, looking down to the box then to Mao. "For you Meowmeow..."

Asagi smiled his thanks to Mao and moved behind the desk. "I'll only be a minute..." he said softly, unzipping the boots and stepping down to his normal height. He pulled the belts off his legs and unzipped the shorts, pulling them off and pulling on the pair of pants. He walked over to the other two and knelt in front of Klaha, facing away from them. "Unzip me while Mao looks at his present?"

Mao gently lifted the box away from Klaha's lap, eyes narrowing a little. "You're naughty...Bad Klaha..." He smiled a little, gently unwrapping the box before lifting out the heirloom silver dragonfly bracelet. The breath was sucked right from his lungs as his fingertips twitched over the beautiful bracelet. "Very Naughty Klaha..."

Klaha reached over, gently unzipping the top away from Asagi's back before looking over to Mao with poked out tongue. "Not naughty. I just remember something very well..."

Asagi looked over his shoulder at the bracelet and gasped softly. "Klaha, that's beautiful...and it'll match your tattoo, Mao," he said softly, pulling the top off his body and replacing it with the shirt. He threw the top over to the desk and climbed back onto the couch to cuddle against Klaha again. "So where is this husband of yours?" he asked teasingly.

Mao looked over the bracelet in awe before kissing Klaha's cheek and sliding it gently on, smiling softly as it fitted perfectly. "Thank you so much..." he whispered, still trailing his fingers over it.

Klaha smiled, trailing his own fingers over it briefly before looking to Asagi and hugging him close. "You're very welcome...and my husband...as weird as it is for me to say that...is getting some rest. He didn't survive the flight very well so I put him to bed for the night..."

Asagi smiled and moved to sit on Mao's lap, burying his face in Mao's neck. "Where are the bears? Are they still in my room? I wanna show Asagi-bear to Klaha..." he said softly, nipping and kissing the skin of Mao's neck.

Mao smiled arms going around Asagi's waist. "Yes, they're still in the bedroom. You should go get them..."

Klaha slid from his boots and pulled his legs up onto the couch, watching the pair of them and just remembering that for later. "I'd love to see them both..."

Asagi smiled and gave Mao a soft kiss before hopping up. "I'll go get them then....Let you two talk while I'm away." He smiled a little and left the office going to his room to get the two bears.

Mao returned the soft push of lips and smiled with a nod before turning to Klaha. "Are you really going to be visiting more?" he asked linking arms with Klaha. "Uruha's going to have a fit when he see's you, you know..."

"I know...and yes...at least every month...I miss you guys so much..." Klaha pet at Mao's arm. "I took pictures of the house for you...and the view out the window...I was looking at the copies earlier...It's almost as if your there ne..."

Asagi smiled faltered as he stepped into his own room to get his bears. It was getting hard to keep a happy face around Klaha, but he was gonna continue with it. He grabbed both of the bears and started back up to Mao's office.

"Oooh...I can't wait for the postal service to like me again...and we miss you too...Uruha and Asagi both, very much..." Mao smiled, snuggling closer and closing his eyes. "You're looking healthy and brown and happy. I like seeing you like this..."

"He's trying too hard...Your Asagi...to keep the smile up." Klaha kissed Mao's forehead and pet him soothingly. "I know...Aoi commented on the same thing. He likes me like this too..."

He bit his lower lip a little as he reached Mao's door and put on a bright smile again before entering with the bears. He went and sat on Mao's lap again, cuddling the bears to his chest. "I'm back.."

Mao smiled, arms going back around Asagi before nodding to Klaha's previous words. "We'll work on making it real again ne...Won't we Asagi..." He said nuzzling Asagi's shoulder gently.

Klaha smiled, leaning back again. "Welcome back Beauty...and aren’t those bears gorgeous..." He smiled wide, hands moving up to pet each of the bears cradled to Asagi's chest.

He tilted his head again. "Making what real?" he asked, confused as he laid his head on Mao's shoulder. He smiled down at the bears, hugging Mao-bear a little tighter. "The black one's Asagi-bear..." he said softly.

"You'll see, you’ll see..." Mao smiled, stroking Asagi's hair between his fingers.

"Ahh...they are indeed..." Klaha giggled, running his fingers over Asagi-bears nose.

He pouted a little and harshly bit Mao's neck before grinning at Klaha. "Klaha, can I see your dragon? I've missed your dragon..."

Mao squeaked softly, pouting some himself before looking to Klaha. "Ooh...How is it ne?"

Klaha nodded, shrugging out of his coat and unbuttoning his shirt to reveal the faded dragon scar. "It's fine, fading, but I don't think I'll ever lose it...Aoi's even begun to like it too..."

Asagi smiled a little and leaned over to run his fingers over the faded dragon. "I remember when he was fresh.." he whispered.

"So do I...It's looking good Klaha..." Mao smiled, watching Asagi's fingers.

Klaha twitched a little and smiled. "Thanks...I took care of it so that it'd stay at least vivid..."

Asagi smiled softly and removed his fingers, leaning back on Mao. He started chuckling, looking at the dragon. "Remember when I first met you?"

Mao smirked, leaning back himself. "That was interesting..."

Klaha laughed again behind his hand, the sound deep and rich. "Of course...I doubt I'll forget..."

He pouted a little. "You were such a tease that night."

The tanned man laughed again, leaning over to poke Asagi's nose. "Of course...You know I do it on purpose..."

He nipped at Klaha's finger before burying his face in Mao's neck again. "This is the best spot in the whole world," he said softly, nuzzling Mao's neck. He smiled softly. "I remember giving as good as I got," he said teasingly.

Mao purred softly, head titled to the side.

"Indeed you did..." Klaha laughed before standing. "Mmhn...Aoi's about to wake up..."

He pouted a little and stood up as well. "You're gonna leave us, then?"

Mao hauled himself up, pouncing on Klaha. "You have that good a connection already that you can tell when he's about to wake up...That's special..."

Klaha stumbled a little and smiled. "Yes...It was something I did so I could tell..." He turned to Asagi. "For tonight...I have a week here, so I'll be visiting again soon..."

He continued pouting and waited for Mao to removed himself from Klaha before pouncing on him as well. "Come back soon," he said softly, giving Klaha a friendly kiss.

Mao took his step back so Asagi could say his goodbye, moving over to the door.

Klaha smiled, wrapping his arms gently around Asagi and returning the friendly kiss. "I will, of course...Look after yourself beautiful...and try and make that gorgeous smile real ne..." Klaha gave the lips another kiss before pulling away, gathering up his coat. "See you guys later..." He blew each of them a kiss before walking out of the room, heading back towards his husband.

His smile fell once Klaha left and he walked over to the couch, cuddling both of the bears.

Mao moved over to sit next to Asagi, arms going around him and holding him close.

He leaned against Mao, biting his lower lip. "I've missed him..." he whispered.

"I know...But...He'll be around more, like he said ne...And now you can send him letters..."

He nodded a little and looked up at Mao. "Did you look in the box I gave you?"

"I did yes...It's very beautiful and I put it in the special jewelry box..."

Asagi nodded a little, burying his face in Mao's neck. "You were sleeping, weren't you?"

"Yup...Uru and I just got back from shopping..." he said, twirling his white hair between his fingers.

He chuckled and ran his fingers through Mao's hair. "I noticed the change."

"Good...It matches my costume too..."

He raised an eyebrow. "You got a costume...Oh! Kikasa brought my costume by~"

"Uruha made me my costume..." Mao grinned. "Oh oh oh! So he still did have it. That's great..."

He nodded, smiling softly. "Kika has Halloween off, too, so that's a good thing. He'll take Yuki trick-or-treating with Uruha..."

"Ahh...That'll be good for them...."

He nodded a little. "Did you find my rose?" he asked softly.

"I did...yes...Thank you..."

He nodded and moved to stand up. "I should let you get some more sleep..." he whispered.

"You aren't going to stay too? I'm just sleeping on the couch...The one I ordered should be coming in tomorrow..."

"I'm not sleepy...I was thinking about going back to the garden..." he said softly before tilting his head a little. "You ordered a new couch?"

"Ahh...and Yes...I did...Nothing compares to the one at the house..."

He nodded a little and bit his lower lip. "I....I'll come back later," he said softly, looking down and walking toward the door.

"Please stay? Just till I fall asleep ne...Please?"

He nodded a little and moved to kneel next to the couch. "Okay..." he whispered.

Mao sidled over, making enough room fro Asagi to lie down too. "Thank you..."

He moved and laid down next to Mao, wrapping an arm around Mao's waist. "You're welcome..."

Mao smiled, sleep already catching him. "At least they're working..." he muttered, sighing softly before he drifted off.

He looked confused. "At least what are working?" he asked softly, nuzzling Mao's neck, too comfortable to move, so he let himself drift as well.
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