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More loggage 8D

::Uruha and Kikasa::PG::Molestage of Uruha's thighs and a little swearing::Before Halloween::

Summary: Kikasa's in a band and Uruha goes to see him play.

Kikasa smiled a little, hearing the cheers on the other side of the curtain while he warmed up. He moved to look out, unable to spot Uruha. He pouted a little and pulled out his cell, quickly calling his koi to find out where he was at.

Uruha squeaked, woken up from the nightmare he was in by his phone ringing. "Fuck..." he whispered, looking to the time before answering the phone, rubbing his forehead in the process. "Hello??"

"Uruha? I know it's late, but...where are you?" he asked, yelling over the crowd.

"Fuck..." he whispered again, the sound of the crowd clicking. "Fuck...At home...I must have passed out. Where are you playing at?"

He gave Uruha the name of the club and looked out at the crowd again. "Come backstage...There's no way you'll be able to get a good place now."

"Okay...I'll be there soon..." Uruha quickly hung up the phone, looking around for something to wear before giving up. He rushed around, having a shower and getting everything he needed before sliding into his Halloween costume, which was the only thing clean around before rushing out of the house and sliding onto the back of Toshio's waiting bike, his friend swiftly taking him to the club. "Thank you babe..." Uruha whispered, kissing his friend leaving a ruby red lipstick kiss against his cheek before rushing back stage, five inch heels making the only noise as he slid backstage.

Kikasa smiled a little to his band mates before seeing what they were looking at, which happened to be Uruha. His eyes widened and his jaw dropped, unable to think of a coherent thing to say. "Uru..." He shook his head a little and walked over to Uruha, moving his bass out of the way and quickly kissing his koi. "You look amazing..."

Uruha smiled a little breathless, returning the kiss. "Thank you...It was...the only thing around..."

He turned his head a little when the vocalist told him that the concert was gonna start, but his eyes stayed on Uruha's face. "Yeah...I'll be there in a minute." He turned his head back to Uruha, grinning. "Ready?" he asked softly, slightly pulling Uruha to the wing before taking his place on the stage.

"Ready..." Uruha grinned, moving with him and watching out from the wings, arms crossed over the red damask Victorian style jacket. He twitched long slender fingers to remove hair from his face and looked out over the crowd then back to Kikasa on stage.

Kikasa grinned and started the first song, bouncing slightly to the beat along with the crowd. An expression of pure happiness on his face as he played and pranced a little on the stage.

He smiled with the beat, head bouncing along with it, eyes trained on mostly Kikasa the whole time during the song and taking pleasure in the look on his face.

Kikasa was chuckling softly at the end of the song and he spared a brief glance at Uruha before turning back to the crowd and starting the next song up. It was a more bouncy song this time, so indeed, he was bouncing as well as playing.

Uruha laughed softly, hiding the noise behind his hand as he watched the rest of the band with interest, then turned to look at the crowd. He grinned, wishing he could be out there in the mosh pit, where energy was high and bodies crushed together with the music.

Kikasa was laughing softly by the time the song was over and a more serious, sad-sounding melody started with the new song.

Uruha leant up against the wall, being careful of the new tattoo running up his side as he watched, silent but inwardly smiling to the vibrant diverse songs that were being performed.

Kikasa smiled softly when there was a break and put his bass down before going over to Uruha and immediately kissing him again. "You are nothing but a tease, love."

"Aww...What do you mean..." Uruha pouted a little then smiled into the kiss.

He chuckled and ran his fingers over Uruha's thighs. "This is what I mean."

Uruha squeaked softly, latching onto the inside of his lower lip before rising his eyes to glare a little at Kikasa. "I'm sorrrry..."

He pouted at the glare and swiftly kissed Uruha's cheek. "I promise, no more." He turned his head a little to look at the crowd. "What do you think so far?"

"Good, because they've grown hyper sensitive..." Uruha grinned, wrapping his arms around Kikasa's waist. "I love it...Can I get your autograph later?"

He chuckled softly. "You can have my autograph when ever you want it."

"Yay...I'll get you to sign my autograph wall at home..."

He grinned a little teasingly. "So I can't sign these hyper sensitive thighs then?"

"If you did, I'd have to sew myself to you...But if you want to...You can...I can use them as promotion..."

He frowned a little. "Who said I'd sign them where someone could see it?"

"Oh well then...Whichever works out best for you Mr. Bassist..." Uruha giggled.

He leaned forward to kiss Uruha again, but was dragged back onstage by the drummer. He pouted as he picked up his bass, getting ready to play again.

Uruha shook his head, moving back to lean against the wall, again being careful of the new tattoo as he resumed his watch on stage.

They played through four more songs before the concert was over and Kikasa almost collapsed on the stage from exhaustion, but he was happy. He rushed backstage and gave Uruha a quick kiss. "Will you be alright alone? I wanna go take a shower."

"Yup...I'll be fine...Enjoy your shower..." Uruha smiled, returning the kiss and raising a hand to stroke Kikasa's cheek before watching his scuttle off.

He chuckled as he ran for the showers, taking a quick one to wash the sweat from his body. He quickly changed into his regular clothes and walked back to Uruha, kissing his cheek.

"Welcome back..." Uruha smiled, pushing himself away from the wall after having watched some of the crowd disperse. "Nice shower?"

He nodded a little and wrapped an arm around Uruha's waist. "You just want my autograph, or do you want autographs from the rest of the band?"

"Well...I generally get autographs from every band I see. Depends on whether you want them to sign my thigh too or not..."

He raised an eyebrow. "They can sign a piece of paper for you..."

"I guessed as much..." Uruha laughed softly and nodded. "Sounds like a plan..."

Kikasa grinned and nipped Uruha's neck before pulling him along to the table now set up on the stage for autographs. "Stand behind me..." he said softly, sitting in the provided chair. "Unless you wanna sit on my lap..."

"Do you want me to sit in your lap seriously?" Uruha asked, moving behind Kikasa.

"I wouldn't mind...don't expect me to keep my hands off you though," he said softly, grinning.

"Okay then...Your choice Ai..."Uruha laughed softly, moving onto Kikasa's lap gently and fixing the Lolita skirt over his thighs.

He chuckled and reached around Uruha as they started signing autographs. One hand was placed on Uruha's thigh and he twitched the fingers slightly every once in a while.
Uruha watched the people shuffle through, trying to muffle the soft moans that felt like making themselves known successfully.

He chuckled softly and kissed Uruha's shoulder before firmly gripping Uruha's thigh, still signing autographs and pretending like nothing was going on.

"Uhmnnn..." Uruha chewed a little on his lower lip, legs lightly swinging. "You'd be a good actor Ai..."

He chuckled a little and pressed a kiss to Uruha's neck as he finished the last autograph. "Up on the table and I'll sign your thighs for you."

"Sure..." Uruha smiled, moving off Kikasa's lap and up on to the table.

Kikasa chuckled and moved Uruha around so he was facing a wing before moving the skirt up a little to sign the inside of Uruha's right thigh. "Mn...Spread your legs a little, love," he said softly, holding the sharpie ready to sign.

Uruha blushed wildly before laughing, his legs parting so Kikasa could get to the spot he wanted to sign.

He grinned and moved in, signing the inside of Uruha's thigh while gently kneading the other.

Uruha leant back a little against the table, hands behind him to keep himself propped up. "Mmhn..." he blushed again, swallowing back each of the soft noises and lightly closing his eyes.

He leaned down and kissed his signature before pulling back and closing the sharpie. "You can get autographs from the others now."

"Yay..." Uruha managed, fixing his skirt over his legs and sliding off from the table, train falling neatly behind him before he went to get the rest of the bands signatures.

Kikasa chuckled softly and stood up, stretching a little and watching Uruha. He silent cursed the fact that they were going slow, but he was going to respect it, no matter how teasing the other's bare thighs were to him.

Uruha came back after a few minutes, happy and with signatures. "Yay..."

He chuckled softly and wrapped his arm around Uruha's waist, waving to his band mates. "I'll see you guys’ next practice..." They gave him teasing grins and wolf whistles as he walked out and he shook his head, chuckling a bit. "Little do they know I'm not gonna get laid tonight," he said softly.

Uruha raised an eyebrow and bumped his hip against Kikasa's. "You never know...But anyway...I have something you to try on at home..."

He chuckled softly and bumped his hip back before shaking his head softly. "I do know. We're supposed to be taking it slow..." He smiled a little. "What is this thing you have to show me?"

"Your Halloween costume..."

He raised an eyebrow. "My Halloween costume?"


"And what is this?" he asked, tugging on the fabric of one of Uruha's sleeves. "Is this your Halloween costume?"

"Why yes it is...As of yet, unfinished..."

"Looks pretty finished to me," he said, grinning a little.

"Ahh...There’s still stitching to be done, and other things to be added, but thanks.."

"You look good in it," he said softly, leading him outside. "So which house are we going to?"

"Well...The costumes at my place, and I wanna get it fitted before I finish sewing the PVC..."

He nodded a little. "Your place it is, then."

He smiled and nodded, before turning the right way and taking the paths back to his house.

He let Uruha lead, knowing he'd get them lost. "I'm still trying to keep my hands off you..."

"I know. And your doing a good job..." Uruha peeked around corners, boots making the most noise on the ground.

"Your costume's not making it easy, either," he said, pouting a little.

"Which is why I apologized earlier...I didn't exactly want to come to see you play wearing something dirty...I'd get all paranoid..."

"Not like you ever make it easy for me," he said, chuckling softly as he moved forward a little to nip Uruha's neck. "Yuki's birthday's tomorrow."

"Mmhn...Yay...he'll be four right? My memories getting worse already..."

He chuckled. "Yeah, he'll be four. He's expecting you to be there..."

"I'll be there...I'll just write it on the back of my hand so I remember..." Uruha smiled, his tattoo beginning to itch a little under the damask silk as they walked along to his house. He pushed open the door, and held it open on the other side for Kikasa.

He walked in and slipped out of his shoes, immediately going to the couch.

Uruha walked to the sewing room, taking off the long train and sitting it on the work desk before walking out into the lounge, placing the half finished PVC priests coat next to Kikasa and the finished bondage skirt and printed top folded next to them. "Did you want a drink honey?"

He raised an eyebrow at the clothes Uruha put next to him. "You want me to wear a bondage skirt?"

"It's just part of what I designed...I can change it if you like..."

"It's fine...I just never thought you'd want to see me in a skirt."

"Well...You thought wrong..." Uruha smiled and fell onto the couch, boot covered legs splayed in front of him as he tugged down on his skirt.

He grinned and reached over to play with Uruha's thighs. "You want me to try on my outfit now?"

"Yes...I would like you to try on your outfit now..." he purred, moving his thighs out of the way.

He stood up and picked up the clothes Uruha had placed next to him and walked back to the bathroom, stripping out of his clothes and replacing them with his costume.

Uruha moved so he was sitting cross-legged on the couch, Glynna depositing herself on his lap as his fingers twitched over her black fur.

Kikasa came back in his outfit, his hair pulled away from his face with a hair tie. "I like it..." he said softly, looking down at his body.

Uruha looked up and grinned. "Oooh...I like it too...Turn around. Does anywhere feel like it needs to be changed?" he asked, moving Glynna off his lap and standing to walk around.

He shook his head and turned. "I'm glad for the shirt though. My back would be bare without it..."

Uruha nodded, moving to the back to fix one of the gentle pleats in the coat. "Yes...Suits you well dear..."

He smiled softly, squirming a little. "Feels like there's a pin poking my back..." he said softly, trying to move his back away from it.

"Ahh...Slide the coat off then Babe..."

He reached up and undid the clasps, sliding it down his arms and handing it to Uruha. "It fits nicely."

"Good...I'm glad..." Uruha smiled, gently folding the PVC and walking back to his work room, sticking it back on the desk before returning a few moments later.

He felt kinda awkward standing there in the skirt, but he shrugged it off and smiled at Uruha when he returned.

"You can change out of them if you like..." Uruha smiled, looking down again at his boot covers legs and squishing in them a little.

He shrugged a little. "I like it..."

"Well that's all good...It was nice to make something a little more normal after Mao's costume..."

"Mao's costume? I gave Asagi's his...what's Mao's costume?"

Uruha skipped back down to the work room and picked up the sketched design before returning with it. "This..."

He raised his eyebrows and started laughing. "Oh gods....Mao and Asagi are gonna be complete opposites."

"Why do you think I designed it like this..." Uruha giggled.

He chuckled softly. "Asagi's gonna love you for this..."

"Oooh...It's nice to be loved..."

He pouted a little. "You know I love you..."

"Of course I know that..." Uruha laughed softly, flipping the design back to him and bouncing out of the room again.

He chuckled softly and stood up, going to the bathroom to change back into his normal clothes. He brought his costume back with him and he sat on the couch again, leaning back.

Uruha came back after a little bit, falling back onto the couch with legs splayed again out in front of him. "Ahh...These boots are heavy..."

"Then take him off...." he said, laughing softly.

"But I like them...They make my legs look skinny..." Uruha giggled, and leaned forward, pulling at the buckles then working on the laces.

"Your legs are skinny, love," he said, chuckling.

"Skinnierrrr then..." Uruha turned to poke out his tongue and finished un-lacing the boots, taking them off and flexing his stocking covered feet. "Ahh...Better..."

He grinned and ran his hands over Uruha's legs. "Much better..."

"Ahhn...I'm glad..."

He forced himself to remove his hands from Uruha's legs and clenched the couch cushion beneath him. "How did you like the concert?"

"Mmhn...I love it...I wish I could have been in the pit though..."

He chuckled softly. "You can when you show up on time."

"And That I will...just have to watch out for my butt and I'll be fine..."

"What's with your butt?" he asked, grinning. "Other than the slight swell that it is..."

"People like pinching it..." He whimpered, the noise fake as he pushed the back of his hand against his forehead in mock woe.

He chuckled. "I like grabbing it..."

"I noticed..."

He raised his hands, chuckling. "Can't blame me.."

"Mmhn...I didn’t think I could...Just your hands ne...A life of their own?"

He grinned and reached over, lightly pinching the inside of Uruha's left thigh. "Apparently."

Uruha squeaked softly, wriggling a little where he sat. "Mmhn...Yeah...I think so..."

He looked at his watch and pouted a little. "I should get home...Yuki'll still be awake waiting for me."

Uruha nodded and smiled. "You were great tonight...Rest well Kika-chu..."

He stood up and nodded. "Wear something appropriate tomorrow," he said, grinning as he walked to the door and slipped his shoes on. "I'll see you tomorrow."

"Aww...Okay okay..." Uruha smiled, walking quietly behind Kikasa. "I'll see you then...Take care..."

He turned around and kissed Uruha before pulling away and walking out the door.

He smiled, closing the door behind Kika before going back to the couch, calling his kittens to him and settling down for the night.

Kikasa walked to his apartment, immediately being pounced on by Yuki. He chuckled and carried his son to his bedroom and fell onto the bed with him, both quickly falling asleep.
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