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Even Moooore Loggage!

::Uruha and Kikasa/Yuki::R?::Almost sex?::Halloween::

Summary:: Uruha goes over to Kikasa's and as planned they take Yuki out for Halloween, then go out to a party themselves.

A/N: And I have oooone more log 8D...This ones a little long...but...yeh...>_> Uruha's sexy so we'll forgive him. n.n

Uruha settled the now black jacket over the front buckling corset, slowly doing up the frog clasps then heading to the mirror. He rose an eyebrow to the now even more deceptively feminine body, running fingers over the extreme curve in his waist. He smiled, now looking finished, hair all dressed and make-up perfect. Uruha gathered up the box with Kikasa costume inside, fixed everything in the house then got into the taxi to take him to Kikasa's place. Giving the taxi driver a quick smile after being told what a beautiful woman he was and stepping out, rushing to Kikasa's front door, box in arms as he knocked with the front of his boot.

Kikasa sighed softly when Yuki ran to answer the door. He had been trying to put whiskers on the bouncing boy for the past 20 minutes now, but Yuki's bouncing kept messing him up. He stood up straight when the door opened and smiled at Uruha. "Come on in...I just need to finish Yuki's make-up...if he'll be still!" he said, looking down at his still bouncing son.

"Ahh...I know your excited Buttons, but the longer you bounce in here, the less time you get to bounce out there...and that's where the bouncing counts ne..." Uruha smiled, stepping in and putting the box on the edge of the couch after walking in and closing the door behind him.

Kikasa chuckled and knelt next to his now still son. He quickly put whiskers on and blackened his nose a little. "There you go. All done, kitten," he said, chuckling when Yuki meowed at him. He turned to Uruha and gave him a quick kiss. "You look amazing, honey."

"Kawaii..." Uruha grinned at Yuki, ruby lips curved before receiving the kiss. "Thanks...The taxi driver thought I was a woman..."

He chuckled. "Well, you do look very feminine..." he whispered, looking at the box. "My costume?"

"The look on his face was priceless when I spoke to him though..." Uruha nodded, looking to the box. "Finished and pin free..."

He smiled and picked up the box. "Yuki, keep Uruha company while Daddy goes to change into his costume." He left the room and went to change into his costume.

Yuki giggled and ran to Uruha, holding up his arms, expecting to be picked up. "Meow~"

"Meow..." Uruha replied, having to bend further to pick the small child sized kitten off the floor. He nestled Yuki in his arms and grinned. "Don't you look gorgeous..."

Yuki purred softly and reached up to pretend to lick at one of his 'paws', playing up his kitten role. Kikasa stood at the door in his costume, watching his son and Uruha, silently chuckling.

"Aww...You're too cute...We'll have to take photo's ne...Yes..." Uruha smiled, reaching up with a hand to scratch gently behind Yuki's ear.

He purred louder and let out a soft meow when he saw his father. "Having fun Yuki?" Kikasa asked, grinning while fixing his hair a little.

"I think you were a cat in a past life..." Uruha nodded then looked to Kikasa, smiling wide. "You look amazing too..."

Kikasa chuckled and walked over to the pair, kissing Uruha's cheek. "All thanks to you...You made it." Yuki giggled and squirmed out of Uruha's arms, grabbing his bag for trick-or-treating. "Yuki ready~"

Uruha fixed up his costume smiling and nodded. "Yay..."

He wrapped his arm around Uruha's waist. "Your sister prepared to take him after he's got candy?"

"Yup, She's all ready and excited for a somewhat quieter Halloween..."

"Somewhat? She'll have two kids running around with candy," he said, chuckling.

"Last year she had thirty five of them..."

He turned to look at Uruha, his eyebrows raised. "Thirty-five?" Yuki pouted and started pulling on Kikasa's hand. "Come on!" he said, trying to drag the grownups out of the apartment.

"She was the Halloween mom last year...Just as well her house was huge enough for them all..." Uruha giggled. "Yuki wants us to go..."

He chuckled and let Yuki pull them out the door, turning to lock it behind Uruha. "Yuki'll be good for your sister, won't you Yuki?" The response he got was a meow from the four-year-old, still pulling on his father's hand.

"Kawaii..." Uruha smiled, following along behind the hyper four-year old and Kikasa.

Kikasa chuckled and let Yuki pull him along. "How many houses are you gonna make us stop at?" he asked his son, grinning. Yuki giggled and turned to look at his father. "10!"

"What a nice number..." Uruha giggled, boots making most of the noise from himself.

Kikasa chuckled and turned to look at Uruha. "He won't stop at just ten...he'll keep going."

"Ahh...Well...We'll go to he drops..."

He chuckled and pulled Yuki to him and picked him up. "He'll drop sooner than you think if he keeps pulling me." He tickled Yuki's stomach and chuckled, listening to the giggles from the kid.

Uruha smiled, walking next to the two, arms laced over his stomach. "Awwu...and we wouldn't want that..."

He smiled and placed Yuki back down, holding his hand and let him pull him along again to the first house. He rang the doorbell for Yuki and had to hide his chuckle when the door opened and Yuki meowed at the lady. "Say trick-or-treat, honey."

Yuki giggled and held his bag out for the lady. "Tri'k-treat~!"

He smiled wide, standing to the side a little and watching between the lady and Yuki.

The lady smiled at Kikasa and gave Yuki some candy. "What a nice family," she said, looking at Uruha as well.

Yuki giggled and looked up at the lady. "T'ank you!" he said, running to Uruha and clutching his legs.

Kikasa chuckled softly and nodded to the lady. "Thank you," he said softly, turning to Uruha and Yuki.

He blushed a little and kept the wide smile on his lips, bowing lightly. "Thank you..." Uruha giggled, hands moving from his stomach to lightly stroke Yuki behind the ears.

Kikasa chuckled and wrapped his arm around Uruha's waist. "Come on, honey, next house," he said, winking at the woman before letting Yuki drag
them away.

"Mmmhn..." Uruha laughed softly, following close behind the small kitten dragging them.

Kikasa smiled and led the way to the next house which Yuki promptly rang the doorbell and yelled his little 'tri'k-treat~!'. He chuckled at the surprised look from the gentleman that answered the door and smiled at Yuki's loud purr when he received candy.

"Kawaii..." Uruha bit back the soft squee, hiding it behind his hands before smiling wide to the man at the door, tipping his head lightly.

They continued until Yuki's bag was full and he was starting to fall asleep on his feet. Kikasa picked up his son and looked at Uruha. "Looks like it's time to drop him off at your sister's..."

"Aww...I think so..." Uruha smiled, taking out his cell and making a quick phone call. "She'll be here soon..." he said, tucking the phone away in a secret pocket and waited the few minutes before a care pulled up, Kaori poking out her head and smiling warmly. "Don't you guys look precious...Get in..."

Kikasa chuckled softly and held his half sleeping son, looking to Uruha to open the door. Yuki meowed softly before falling asleep, cuddled against Kikasa's pvc covered chest.

Uruha opened the door, herding them all in comfortably before Kaori quickly took the route back to the house they were living in. After a few minutes they pulled up at a two storey house, Uruha again opening the doors after sliding out from his side.

Kikasa slid out after Uruha, still cuddling his sleeping son. "I don't think he's gonna be much for fun tonight," he said to Kaori, chuckling softly.

"That's alright...It'll be nice to have a quiet Sahmain for once...I can take him from here ne..." Kaori spoke quietly, looking over both of them and smiling.

He smiled and placed his sleeping son in Kaori's arms, putting his bag of candy on top of him. "Don't let him eat any until I can make sure he's not allergic to it," he said softly, placing a small kiss on his son's forehead.

"Will do...And you two take the car..." Kaori cradled Yuki to her chest, turning away. "The keys are in the ignition...Have fun tonight..." Kaori leant up, kissing Kikasa's cheek and then Uruha's. "See you in the morning..." She said with a smile, then turned up into the house, closing the door behind her after waving.

He smiled and turned to Uruha. "You're driving."

"Fine fine...Back to my place first, I have to change..." Uruha smiled, moving back to the car and sliding in the front seat.

He chuckled and got in on the other side. "You know the way, not me."

He poked out his tongue, starting the car and swiftly driving back to his place, pulling up in front. "I shouldn't be long..." he said, sliding out again. "So you can stay in here, or wait inside..." He kissed Kikasa's cheek, leaning over before rushing inside.

He chuckled a little and leaned back against the chair, checking his hair and make-up in the rearview mirror.

Around fifteen minutes later, Uruha re-appeared, closing the door. He grinned to the car, standing straight to show off the outfit he was wearing, deep red tartan ultra mini skirt that barely covered his butt above fishnet stockings and thigh high boots being his lower half. Up top there was a tight white shirt, loose school tie. He smiled, bouncing down the steps after closing the door, black pig-tails bobbing as he slid into the front seat. "Ready?"

His eyes widened as he stared at Uruha. "You...Fuck Uruha...Are you trying to torture me?" he asked, pouting a little. He reached over and ran his fingers over a fishnet covered thigh. "You better believe I'm gonna want something tonight..." he said, looking serious.

"What ever are you talking about babe?" Uruha asked with a smirk, purring some to the caress over his thigh.

He raised an eyebrow. "I know we're supposed to be going slow..but you're torturing me, showing off that much of your thigh."

"Sarcasm..." Uruha replied, poking out his tongue and starting the car. "If you want to blame someone...Blame Ceda..."

He crossed his arms over his PVC covered chest, pouting. "Fine, I will."

"You can tell her that..." Uruha grinned, pulling out of the driveway and taking them, perhaps a little fast towards the Mansion that held his favourite club

He sighed, looking out the window. "You're killing me."

"You'll get what you want Ai..." Uruha smiled, stopping the car and sliding out before going to Kikasa's side and holding the door open for him.

He got out of the car and immediately pulled Uruha to him, kissing him almost harshly. "I better..." he said, letting his hands toy with Uruha's legs.

"Mmhmnn..." Uruha purred, grabbing Kikasa's hand and pulling him into the elevator after they had wormed their way though the gothic revelers section of the club.

He raised an eyebrow. "Mn...Elevator..." he said, pushing Uruha against the wall and pressing his body close.

"Mmhn...Indeed..." He smirked, still purring as he reached to press the button that would take them down to the club area they wanted. Uruha turned his attention then back to Kikasa, writhing his body lightly underneath the others and pressing his hands lightly against his chest.

He bit his lower lip hard at Uruha's writhing and reached down to still Uruha's hips. "I'll get you for your teasing," he promised, leaning down to nip at Uruha's neck.

"Mmmhn...I'm sure you will..." Uruha tilted his head a little to the side, before watching the elevator doors open out onto the almost packed club. "Welcome again to paradise..." he purred.

He chuckled softly and pulled away from Uruha, pulling him out of the elevator.

Uruha followed, fixing the skirt a little before immediately being pulled away from Kikasa by an exceedingly beautiful woman who was almost all leg and pushed against the wall. "You're late Uru..." She purred, pushing herself up against Uruha and licking his neck. "Ahh...Ceda...We're sorry..." Uruha pouted, looking to Kikasa then back to Ceda. "We went Trick or treating..."

He raised his eyebrow at Ceda and bit his lower lip, wanting to stop the woman from molesting his Uruha, but knew that they were friends.

"Trick or treating eh?" Ceda smirked, kissing Uruha passionately before pulling back and helping him away from the wall. "This must be Kikasa ne..." She kept the smirk on her lips, curtsying to Kikasa and tipping her head. "He's sexy...You've chosen one good enough for you this time babe..." Ceda bumped her hip against Uruha's. "I'm Ceda...Pleasure to finally meet the one who has my baby hooked..."

He frowned a little when Ceda kissed Uruha but gave her a polite smile, bowing in return. "Hai, I'm Kikasa....It's a pleasure to finally meet you, too."

Uruha shook his head, moving from the woman with the matching outfit and latching himself to Kikasa's arm. "Yay..." he giggled, kissing Kikasa's cheek then looking back to Ceda. "When are we on?" he asked. Ceda gave him a look, eyebrow raised then laughed. "Not for a while yet...I didn't think you'd be coming tonight so...unless you still really wanna come-up with me, you don't need to..."

He wrapped an arm around Uruha's waist, leaning over to kiss Uruha's cheek as well. "Go on, if you want to," he said.

"Mmmhn...I want to. I miss my poles..." Uruha smirked, leaning against Kikasa as Ceda nodded, blowing each of them a kiss before stalking off. "You survived better than I thought you would..." he whispered, looking up to Kikasa.

He raised an eyebrow. "What do you mean?" he asked, pulling Uruha's body closer to his.

"She's...Full-on...I was just waiting for you to rip her off me..."

"I wanted to...but I know you two are friends," he said softly, looking down at Uruha. "It bothered me, but it's okay."

"Ahh..." Uruha smiled, nuzzling against Kikasa. "She was my she'll always be like that with me...I should have warned you before though...Sorry..."

He pulled Uruha's body close and kissed him softly. "It's okay...don't worry about it. You're fine with Asagi jumping on me, I can be the same when Ceda does it for you."

"Yay..." Uruha smiled, kissing back before pulling away and dragging Kika out to the dance floor. "Do you still not dance?"

He chuckled and nodded. "Yeah...I still don't dance."

"Pity..." Uruha smirked, dipping a little and rising teasingly slow, swaying a little. "Have fun from the sidelines...I'll be back soon..."

He pulled Uruha back to him, grinning. "Better be good, or I'll punish you, honey."

"Mmmhn...How would you punish me Ai?"

He raised an eyebrow. "You really wanna find out?"

"You've got me all curious now..." Uruha smirked, kissing Kikasa gently and pulling away. "I'll be good..."

He grinned and slapped Uruha's butt. "Better be. Have fun."

Uruha squeaked, then softly moaned poking out his tongue before going to get lost in the thick crowd of writhing bodies.

Kikasa smiled softly and leaned back against the wall, keeping his eyes on Uruha.

Each second that passed, the crowd got thicker, heavier. Bodies pressed hard against barely covered flesh. Each movement anyone made, echoed by the body behind them. Uruha smiled, allowing the arms around his waist as he writhed against the bodies behind and in front of him, purring softly.

He was a little jealous of the writhing bodies around his Uruha, but he glanced around, looking for Uruha's friend before looking back at Uruha.

Ceda sidled up towards Kikasa, watching Uruha herself in the crowd. "He moves very well..." she said, handing Kikasa a drink and standing next to him.

He took the drink and nodded. "He does.."

"Why aren't you out there with him?"

"I don't dance," he said softly, his eyes never leaving Uruha's body.

"Hah...I don't believe that..." Ceda shrugged, sipping at her cocktail, her own eyes never leaving Uruha's movements, watching with predatory satisfaction.

"I don't," he said again, taking a sip of his drink.

"What ever you say Sexy...I bet you move as well as he does..."

He blushed a little but shook his head. "I can't dance," he said, looking over at Ceda. "I just...I don't dance."

"No...You just don't want to..." Ceda shrugged, keeping her eyes on the returning Uruha who already was sporting a small bruise on the back of his neck.

"No...I just don't dance," he repeated stubbornly, watching Uruha as well, a small sigh leaving his lips at the sight of the bruise.

Ceda decided to let it drop, eyebrow raising to the Uruha that latched himself to her, lips going around the straw of her drink. "They're a violent lot out there tonight..." he breathed, rubbing the back of his neck then moved to latch himself to Kikasa.

Kikasa wrapped his free arm around Uruha's waist, lifting his drink up so Uruha didn't spill it on his costume. He ran his fingers over the bruise. "Apparently."

"Tried to bite me...Thinks just cus he's dressed as a vampire he can do so...It felt nice to thump him one..." Uruha said, with renewed energy. "How much longer till we're on?" he asked Ceda, who replied by waving all of her fingers. "Fifteen minutes...Which means we should get freshened up to wow the crowd..."

He smiled and gave Uruha a soft kiss before letting him go. "Have fun."

"Will do...Hope you like us..." Uruha smirked, returning the kiss before being dragged away by Ceda.

He sighed and finished his drink, watching the writhing bodies before him and waiting for Uruha and Ceda's show. He placed his cup down and would've gone back to leaning against the wall if it weren't for someone who had dragged him out onto the dance floor. He went willingly, fearing for his costume. He didn't dance or anything, just stood there while people grinded against him.

The lights went completely out fifteen minutes later, the music changing. The only light in the smallish den area club came from the sides as both Uruha and Ceda came out, fire sticks twirling in front of them as they both moved to the choreographed dance. Their sticks flew into the air as they moved to the poles in the center of the stage, both bodies seemingly possessed by the sexual devil as each move oozed raw heat.

Kikasa pulled away from the bodies and went back to his spot on the wall. He stared at Uruha, biting his lower lip a little while watching the dance.

The crowd of familiar faces cheered and egged them on, if that was the correct name for whistles and jeers as both the dancers bodies fought for supremacy, Uruha letting Ceda's win out as planned. More fire twirlers came out on stage, lighting up the room with the spinning fire. As an end to the routine, Ceda took the kerosene Uruha offered her, catching two of the sticks thrown at her before spitting the flammable liquid over the burning ends, sending a large ball of fire six foot above the tallest head in the room before everything went black again.

He raised an eyebrow when the place went dark and bit his lower lip a little when he felt someone feel him up. He pushed at the other person, hoping they'd get the point and waited for the lights to come back on.

Uruha pouted, then laughed, already standing in front of Kikasa as the lights came back on, everything returning to normal. "Pushing ain't nice babe..."

He pouted a little and pulled Uruha back to him. "I didn't know it was you."

"Who else would feel you up...They know your mine..." Uruha snuggled against Kikasa, before pulling back. "I probably smell like lighter fluid...she spilt enough on me..."

He nodded a little. "I can smell it...and as long as it's dry, you're fine. I don't want you getting anything on this outfit," he said, pulling Uruha close. "And as for them knowing that I'm didn't stop them from pulling me onto the dance floor and trying to get me to grind against them."

"That's just what they do...They know I'm owned...and I still got ground against. They live for this..."

He kissed Uruha gently before slightly pushing him away. "Even your lips taste like lighter fluid. You need a bath, love."

"I told you so..." Uruha laughed, rubbing his face gently. "Ahh...The ends of my hair are burnt..." He pouted, turning into the body that pressed herself against him again. "You!...Did that on purpose..." Uruha reprimanded, sparkling eyes narrowing at Ceda's own lit up eyes before kissing her. "At least we didn't catch alight this time ne..." Ceda replied, arms around Uruha's waist. "We taste like lighter fluid..."

He bit his lower lip a little when Ceda showed up. "You're gonna have to cut the ends off," he said softly, looking at Uruha's hair.

"Yes we do...And I'm going home..." Uruha kissed each of Ceda's cheeks and pulled away. "Thank you babe...I'll call you tomorrow..." She replied, curtsying to them both before running off again. Uruha turned to Kikasa and nodded. "I guessed as much, Due for a cut anyway and I think I'll go blonde again..." he said, , running his fingers through the slightly charred ends.

He smiled a little and nodded. "It'll be weird to see you blonde again...and expect questions from Yuki."

"Oooh...Well...I'll try and figure out answers to the questions...But right now...Let me get changed back into my proper costume and clean my teeth so I don't taste funny anymore...because that’s' bad...And I want to be good...So I'll be back..." Uruha kissed Kikasa's cheek before skipping away.

He bit his lower lip, watching Uruha skip away, planning to spank the butt of his love when he got back.

Ten minutes later Uruha came back, clean, fresh and smelling rather minty. He had removed the stockings and changed into knee high boots instead of the thigh high ones from earlier. He skipped again up to Kikasa, smirk on his lips. "Ready to go Ai?"

Kikasa grinned and pulled Uruha up against his body and reached down, spanking Uruha. "Yeah, I'm ready to go."

Uruha squeaked, burying his head against the PVC and swallowing back the small moan. "Uhnmmm...Let's go then..." He purred, pulling away and dragging Kikasa back to the elevator, pushing all the right buttons before leaning up against the wall.

He grinned and pushed Uruha's body closer to the wall, leaning down and nipping at Uruha's neck. "You've been teasing me...for the past few days..."

"Not entirely on purpose though..." He purred, head tilted again to the side.

He bit Uruha's neck before straightening his body. "You know how much your thighs tease me..." he whispered. "And we're supposed to be taking it slow."

"Should I not be showing off my thighs then? To you at least?"

He picked Uruha up, making him wrap his legs around his waist. He ran his hands over said thighs and pouted. "You'd really stop letting me see your thighs?"

"Ahhn...Well...If your worried about them teasing you...Maybe..."

"You're a constant tease, Uruha...Not just your thighs. Your personality...everything about you..."

"I can't stop being that...and I know you don't want me to stop being that...So how can I ease your situation Ai?"

He bit his lower lip a little and leaned his forehead against Uruha's. "Let me have you tonight?" he asked softly, his hands caressing Uruha's thighs.

"You can have me tonight..." He replied, shivering lightly and chewing his lips against the small noises.

"Is it what you want, too?" he asked, leaning down to nip at Uruha's throat.

"I wouldn't have said yes otherwise..."

He smiled and let Uruha's legs down, leaning forward to kiss him. "Mn...Thank you..." he whispered.

"Pleasure Ai..." he replied, kissing back before pulling Kikasa out of the elevator and back towards the car.

Kikasa grinned and eagerly followed. "Who's house?"

"You pick...I'll just drive..." Uruha grinned, sliding into the front seat and fixing the skirt better over the shorts and his thighs.

"Mn...My place...I don't think Glynna would approve if we went to your place..."

"No...Probably not..." Uruha laughed softly, and started the car, pulling out of the club and taking them, again probably too fast back to Kikasa's house. "I...really shouldn't drive..."

He chuckled softly. "Have you drank anything tonight?"

"No...Except the sip of Ceda's drink and the kerosene...I haven't drunk anything. I'm just...Very bad at it..." He smiled, switching off the car before sliding out, going to Kikasa's side and holding the door open for him.

Kikasa chuckled and got out of the car. "I drank...whatever it was that Ceda gave me."

"Oooh, dangerous..." Uruha laughed, closing the door and locking the car up then linking arms with Kikasa. "Kidding..."

He laughed as they walked up to his apartment. "What was it that she gave me?" he asked, looking over at Uruha.

"Probably a fruit cocktail...One of her specialties no doubt..."

He nodded a little. "It did taste fruity."

"I thought you tasted like mangos..." Uruha said, smirking then looking to Kikasa's front door.

He chuckled softly. "Yeah...mangos..." He opened the door for Uruha and lifted up the skirt, unzipping his knee-highs and stepping out of them.

Uruha giggled, walking in and settling down on the edge of the couch to pull off his own boots, the task proving tedious with all the laces, zips and buckles.

He smiled and unbuttoned his jacket. He opened the hall closet and hung it up there, grinning at Uruha. "I like that outfit though..."

"I like it too...very befitting of yourself..." He grinned, putting his boots to the side then frowning. "I feel short again..."

He walked over to Uruha and grinned a little. "Hm...Guess what I'm thinking," he said, sitting next to his lover.

"Uhmmmm...I unfortunately have been unable to master the art of mind reading, so you'll have to fill me in yourself..."

"Remember our conversation at the beach house?"

"Uhmmm...Vaguely?" Uruha offered, thoughtful frown appearing on his face as he tried to stretch his memory back that far.

He chuckled softly and leaned over, kissing Uruha deeply. "Don't worry about it. Come on...bedroom...Want anything to drink?"

"Mmhnn...I do worry about it though..." He smiled, returning the kiss. "Nah...I'm fine..."

He chuckled and stood up. "It'll come back to you."

"I'm sure it week...In a few years..." Uruha shook his head, hauling himself up and pulling the skirt back down over his even shorter short covered butt.

Kikasa grinned and lifted the skirt back up, running his fingers along Uruha's thighs. "Come on..."

"Ahhnn...I'm following I'm following..." Uruha purred, pushing Kikasa down towards his bedroom.

Kikasa chuckled and turned around, opening his bedroom door and stripping his shirt as he went.

"Awwu...I wanted to do that..." Uruha pouted, closing the door behind him and placing his warm hands against Kikasa's bare chest.

"Mn...You can do it next time..." he said, wrapping his arms around Uruha's waist. "Show me how to get this off," he said, tugging on the mini-skirt.

Uruha reached behind him, undoing the row of buttons at the back and smiling a little as it fell down his legs. "Like that..."

He grinned and ran his hands over Uruha's legs. "I'll let you take my skirt off...."

"Yay..." Uruha smirked, then crouched down, fiddling at the side of Kikasa's skirt and pulling the zip down until it fell away from his legs. "There..."

Kikasa grinned and pulled Uruha to him, turning them so that Uruha was laying on his back on the bed. "How's that?"

"Good, now you can see the tattoo once my shirt comes off..."

He raised his eyebrows. "A new one?"

"Yep...A new one..."

Kikasa chuckled quietly. "How many are you gonna get?"

"Uhm...Probably one of two more, but they'll be tiny and out of the way..." Uruha nodded, blinking.

"Now to just get you out of this shirt..."

"Which is just a plain shirt..." Uruha giggled, pulling at the tie until it came off.

Kikasa grinned and sat back, watching Uruha.

"Ahh...So your just going to watch..." He giggled again, fingers deftly working on the button before he lifted his chest up to slide out of the shirt, the actions revealing the long trail of budding red and black roses mixed with thorns going up his side.

He raised an eyebrow and ran his fingers over the trail, looking slightly confused. "Why?" he asked softly.

"For Remembrance, As a Reminder..." Uruha replied, shivering a little to the finger tracing over still sensitive skin. "And for a friend..."

"Asagi loves roses...." he whispered, staring at the black ones.

"I know, there’s one for every friend, each lover, and tiny buds for each memory..."

He looked up. "Which one's mine?"

"The ones at the bottom, the red bud with the stem entwined with what's supposed to be the white rose..."

He smiled softly and bent down to kiss the roses meant for him.

"Mmhn...Tickles..." He giggled squirming a little where he sat, fingers settled on the hem of the shorts he was still wearing.

He chuckled softly and moved to pull Uruha's shorts down. "Mn...You’re fault for putting my roses down there..."

"Mmmhn...True point, but it's not finished yet...A work in progress as such..." Uruha slightly lifted his hips to aid Kikasa with the removal of his shorts.

Kikasa smiled a little. "And how many more are you planning on putting on your body?"

"Hmmn...Depends on what happens I guess..."

He smiled and moved to lay next to Uruha, rubbing his body against his lover's slightly. "You're gorgeous honey..."

Uruha rose a hand, trailing it down Kikasa's arm. "So are you..."

He smiled and leaned over to molest Uruha's neck, letting his hands travel over Uruha's body.

His body writhed under the traveling fingertips, soft purrs falling into the air as his own hands roamed lightly over Kikasa's form.

"Mn...Roll over...I don't wanna hurt you..." he whispered, moving Uruha onto his side and spooning up behind him.

Uruha squeaked softly as he was rolled, wriggling a little to get comfortable before resting back against Kikasa.

Kikasa smiled and ran his hand teasingly down Uruha's chest down to his erection. "Mn..." He kissed Uruha's shoulder before lifting one of Uruha's legs and pulling it forward.

He smiled, hiding the blush and letting the quiet moan/purr escape his lips.

Kikasa gave a soft moan when he heard the purring moan from Uruha. "Gods...I've missed your purrs.." he whispered, placing a finger at Uruha's entrance. "Purr for me more, Kitten..."

He shivered, wriggling the slightest against the teasing finger. Uruha bit a little at his lower lip, just out of habit, purring further and louder for Kikasa.

He kissed along the back of Uruha's neck as he slid his finger inside. "We really don't have to do this..." he whispered. "I'd be content with just holding you while we sleep..."

"Mmhn..." Uruha moaned barely a whisper. "Either way is...fine with me..."

Kikasa sighed and pulled his finger out and rolled Uruha over to face him. "Which would you rather want?"

Uruha sighed himself, leaning over to kiss Kikasa on the tip of his nose. "Just hold me?"

He nodded and moved to wrap his arms around Uruha, bringing the other's body close to his. "I'm never gonna force you to do something you don't want to do..."

"I know..." Uruha smiled slightly, arms going around Kikasa and snuggling closer to him.

"If you don't want sex, just tell me," he whispered, burying his face in Uruha's hair and inhaling his lover's scent.

He nodded, moving his face closer to where he could gently press his lips to the skin of Kikasa's shoulder, eyes falling lightly shut.

His body trembled slightly in the effort to not ravish Uruha. He bit the inside of his cheek and laid his cheek against Uruha's hair, finger-combing the strands and running his other hand along Uruha's spine.

Uruha resumed purring softly, the motions soothing and settling, almost making him drift off.

He forced himself to stay still as he started humming softly. "Sleep, Treasure...I'll be here when you wake up..."

He nodded again, moving as close to his lover as he could. Uruha's eyes closed tighter, purrs still falling from his lips as he fell into sleep.

Kikasa smiled softly, running a finger along Uruha's cheek, watching him sleep. He sighed quietly and closed his eyes, falling into a dreamless sleep himself.
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