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Last log 8D

::Zero and Asagi::G::None Really::A little while ago::

Summary: Asagi comes to see Zero with his pet snake. They chat...

A/N: And Last log for tonight. 8D I NEED TO RP ZERO MORE! HIT ME UP DARLINGS! ;__; he has no friends besides Asagi and is lonely...>_> Even though he forgets... AIM: Coinlocker I'm on alot...POUNCE ME!

Asagi smiled softly, letting the Childs python wrap around the back of his neck as he walked down the hall. The tail was wrapped around his left arm and he kept laying kisses to the scaly head. He walked to a familiar room and knocked on the door, waiting for an answer.

Zero looked up from the book he had borrowed from one of the nurses earlier, braided head tilting to the side. "Come in..." He was curious, as to who could have been at the door.

Asagi grinned and opened the door. "Evening.."

He looked blinking to the form for a second, reaching for his diary quickly and flipping to the entry with the perfect little portrait of Asagi on the page then back to the real thing. "Asagi? Did I remember right?"

Asagi smiled and nodded. "You did..." He walked into the room, watching his snake wrap around his waist as he moved. "How have you been?"

Zero's eyes trained on the snake, looking to capture her eyes before looking up to Asagi. "Blending and being shapeless...Yourself?"

"Getting fucked and then dumped. And I got a snake," he said, sitting next to Zero and letting the snake slither over to the other. "She won't hurt."

"I know she won't...She's beautiful..." Zero smiled, fingers twitching lightly over the cool smooth scales of the beautiful reptile. "Life not easy then?"

He shook his head, watching his pet. "Life has never been easy for a 'slut'," he said bitterly.

He let the snake curl around his arm, limb rising so they could again meet eyes, he and the snake. "You aren't a slut until you have a disease. So I don't think you have to worry..."

He reached for Zero's pillow and leaned back, keeping his weight off his back. "Tell that to the one who enjoys calling me slut."

"Ignore that one if his/her words bother you so much. Show that they mean nothing to you..." Zero spoke, again trailing his fingers over the snake.

Asagi smiled a little, watching Zero with his snake. "You like her, don't you."

"I love her already...She's beautiful and so intelligent for one so young..."

Asagi smiled and reached his arm out, watch her wrap herself around it. "She is beautiful...She doesn't have a name though...I don't know what to call her."

"Look into her eyes...She'll tell you her name..."

Asagi lifted his arm, looking into the snakes eyes. His nose twitched a little when her tongue fluttered across it and he tried to hide his chuckle. "She's so pretty....I just wanna call her Beauty."

Zero smiled, nodded and reached out with lightly wavering fingertips to run again over the snake’s scales. "What is she telling you though..."

Asagi stared at his snake and smiled softly. "...Isis..."

The smile widened. "A beautiful name for the snake...She does seem to be a queen already..."

He smiled as Isis slithered forward to wrap around his neck again. "Her name is Isis.."

"Well chosen Isis..." Zero smiled, watching the snake closely. "She reminds me of my own that I had once..."

He smiled over at Zero. "You had a snake?"

"Yes...Papa had her imported for me a long time ago..." Indeed it was, and those memories still stung. "She was a beautiful Albino Burmese python..."

"Sounds beautiful..." He laid a kiss on Isis's head and carefully removed her from his neck, letting her slither around on the ground as he laid back again. "You miss her...and your family, don't you...?"

"Greatly...I wish I knew where they were..." He sighed, knowing his past tale was too far-fetched for anyone to believe and was the reason he was here in the first place.

"You could always look them up...Have a doctor look them up for you..." He squirmed a little, trying to get comfortable.

"Ahh...I'm...afraid that's quite impossible..." was all he said, eyes trained on the coiling snake who was exploring he way around his room.

He raised an eyebrow. "Nothing's impossible honey."

He laughed softly and nodded the bare slightest. "I'm afraid...In this case it is..."

He gently pulled Zero down next to him. "It's hard to stare up at you," he explained, playing with Zero's braids.

"Oh...Apologies sir..." He smiled, nestling a little into his mattress and moving the book away so he could rest properly. "For all I know...They could be dead...and you could end up being my great uncle or something..." he muttered to himself, lightly crossing his legs at the knee.

He raised his eyebrow. "I have no intention of sleeping with a female, and I have no brothers or sisters. There's no way I could be your great uncle...which would be strange since you fucked me."

"You miss-understand my meaning sir...I'd tell you so you'd understand of it perfectly, but it makes little sense to myself..." Zero sighed. "It's more than far-fetched..."

He playfully slapped Zero's arm. "Stop calling me sir. You're making me feel old, and I'm not."

"Court pleasantries...I can't help myself, being it as part of my training..." He laughed softly, mock pouting some before looking to the ceiling.

Asagi rolled over onto his side, facing Zero. "Court pleasantries or not. I'm not old, and I don't like being called 'sir'," he said, smirking.

"I'll try and remember that for future reference...Siiir..." he teased, shaking his head. "Okay okay...I'll drop with the 'sir'..."

He leaned forward and bit Zero's neck playfully before pulling back. "You better."

"Ahh...Living in this time is certainly...odd...."

He tilted his head a little, smirking. "What makes you say that?"

"More public and forward here..."

"I'm just a very forward person," he said, rolling onto his other side to stay off his wounded wing. "Where's Isis?"

"I have little knowledge of you millenniums..." Zero sat up, making a soft noise and drawing the snake to crawl up his arm. "Here she is..."

Asagi looked over his shoulder and smiled. "She likes you."

"I like her too..." He smiled, lifting up his arm and bringing Isis to eye level.

He smiled and sat up. "Are you talking to her?"

"You could say that...yes..."

"What are you telling her?" he asked softly, scooting closer to Zero and Isis.

"Oh...She's talking to me more than I to her...but she can sense Kali Ma on me still..."

"What's she saying to you?"

"Just about her and random snake things...She's singing too..."

He smiled softly and leaned forward to kiss Zero's cheek.

Zero smiled, lips curved still as the snake and he continued their conversation before turning back to Asagi. "She wants you to try and listen to her..."
He looked up at Zero. "I..don't know how..."

"She'll help...Just keep an ear out..."

He nodded a little. "I should go back to my room," he said, standing up. A little blood had seeped from his wound on his back and was showing through his shirt as he reached for Isis.

Zero smiled as Isis slid from his arm to coil around Asagi's and he nodded. "Take care Asagi...Hopefully I'll remember meeting you and your queen in the morning..."

He smiled softly and kissed his snake on her forehead. "Write it down..." he said, turning to leave. "I'll bring Mao-bear next time..."

"Ahh...Good...and I will..." Zero pulled his diary back onto his lap. "Goodbye Isis......" he said, smile warm as he watched the snake.

Asagi nodded a little and whispered a soft goodbye before leaving and going back to his room, placing Isis in her cage and frowning when he felt a small trickle of blood flow down his back. "Fuck..." He walked out of his room, heading for Mao's office.
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