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Ano...gomen ne ><; I know I just posted my application, but I'm re-calling the first and re-submiting. I wasn't too keen on Jun as a patient, so I'm re-applying him as an intern ^^;;;;;

Your name: Kate

Jrocker: Jun

Band: Pierrot

Asylum position: Medical School Intern

A bit about him: Although slightly shy he's always one to offer a friendly smile to anyone, even a stranger, and is in his final years of med school. He is interning at Kobe Asylum for the finishing time for his psychology credits. Seemingly fine on the out side, smile forever in place, he has a few issues of his own, but isn't one to open up easily about them.   

Jrocker Livejournal: XxpapersmilexX

AIM/MSN/Yahoo: AIM: XxWhiteIrisxX MSN:twilight_kitty@hotmail.com

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