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Yomi's first day...and he meets Kaoru! Read the not so fun adventures when a person that hates everyone meets someone who is afraid of everyone...XD

Yomi: The front door opened and an officer walked in. He looked behind himself and waited for the person that he was escorting to come in as well. It wasnt the first time some one had broken the law and ended up in a place like this. Infact the officer had been here several times before. Slowly a much smaller man appeared. He couldnt have been more then 5' even if he wasnt slouched over. He had a dark blue gym bag clunched tightly to his chest, barely able to peek over the top of it. Anyone could see that he was trembling and for a moment he just stood there, barely a full foot inside the asylum. "Come on..." The officer started, trying to encoruage the newest resident to move towards the reception desk. But Yomi pulled away from the man before he could touch him, shaking his head. The officer sighed and grabbed Yomi up and dragged him over to the reception desk and signed him in. Yomi meanwhile dropped down to the ground, hiding behind his bag, rocking a little. "He's all yours." The officer said to the lady, turning and leaving. She walked to the otherside and talked to him. It came down to him being removed from the front hall area and taken up to his room. He didnt struggle against them at this point. But he didnt offer any help on the way up. He didnt leave his room right away, but would occasionally peek out into the hallway to see if anyone was around. When it seemed that no one else was in the hallways he opened his door a little more and sat in the doorway.

Kaoru had been in the aslyum for a few days and already hated it. He hadn't talk to anyone but his assigned doctor, who, he had come to find out was just as much of an idiot as the rest of the people around here. He hadn't slept much, if at all, spending most of his time in his room, laying on his bed, always half naked, playing with his hair and staring at the ceiling. He never listened to music, never really ate, just sat, thinking idly. He had heard through one of his very limited walks that there was another new patient and he had scoffed, not caring at all. The patient was roomed next to him that he knew and he poked his head out when he heard some noise, wondering if he could catch a glimpse of him, wondering what all the hype was about. He saw a tiny man, very imbalanced and smiled. "He'll fit right in." He watched him huddled by the doorway , shaking his head and inhaling his cigarette. "Idiot."

Yomi caught Kaoru from the corner of his eyes. He looked to Kaoru and got a sort of deer in the headlights sort of look, and ducked out of sight. He pressed himself up against the wall and stayed there for a moment before slowly turning and peeking out again to see if Kaour was still there. He noticed that Kaoru was smoking, and he realized painfully that he hadnt had anything to smoke in a long time. His heart started to beat faster at the thought of talking to Kaoru....this he could handle...he tried to tell himself this anyways. He hated being around other people. And tried to keep contact with people down to bare minium. But he could handle it...especially when it came to the prospects of a smoke...which meant a lighter...which meant.... he felt himself smile just a little at the last thought, which calmed him right down. As it always seemed to. Feeling a little braver now, and not so axious, he leaned out of the doorway more. "Can I have one?" He asked holding two fingers up and making a motion like he was smoking. He chewed on his bottom lip as he looked between Kaoru's face and the cigarette.

Kaoru raised an eyebrow to the smaller man, watching him scurry about, very amused. When he asked for a cigarette Kaoru nodded briefly, but didn't want to do much else, moving his door back a bit in an offering to Yomi, not really wanting to talk out in the hall. "Yeah, but only if you come in my room. I hate being out here." He blew a puff of smoke in Yomi's direction, grinning. "Welcome to hell little one." He walked slowly into his room, leaving the door open, and laying down on his bed, placing his pack of cigarettes and lighter on his bare chest, waiting.

The corner of Yomi's mouth turned up slighlty in a half a smile when Kaoru nodded. But his stomach twisted itself into a horrible knot when Koaru said he would have to come down there. The smoke blown towards him was a powerful motivator though, drawing Yomi in with the sweet promises of nicatine. His eyes popped open when Kaoru welcomed him. Hell huh? Yea he could see the truth in that statement. He stood slowly, gripping onto the doorframe, looking down at Kaoru's room. He drew in a breath and told himself he could do this. It was one person...not a group. Thats when it got ugly. When the sickingly cold pain gripped him and he couldnt breathe, couldnt think...the panic and fear would wash over and take hold and he wished for a quick death. No... that wouldnt happen this time. Besides he had smokes. Yomi slowly walked down to Kaoru's room, peeking into his room and staying there for a moment,staring at the cigarettes and lighter where they lay on Kaoru's bare chest. Ahh..that sweet lighter. He slipped into the room, pressed up against the doorframe and the wall. "Hi." He offered with a quick smile, visiably trembling.

Kaoru rolled his head and looked at Yomi briefly, raising his hand in a greeting. "Hi. Close the door." He picked up the cigarettes from his chest and sat up, putting his arm out and offering them to Yomi. "Have at it, it's one of the only pleasures you can have here." He laid back down, blowing smoke up to the ceiling, not paying any attention to Yomi's trembling. He could tell the man had some sort of anti social disorder but he had made it this far into his room hadn't he? He seemed to be fine besides the trembling. "Chill out, you're ok. I won't mess with you at all. You can even take those back to your room if you want, I've got more." He offered the let the man leave, making a new friend wasn't on his high lists of things to do but if he stayed he stayed and Kaoru would try to make some sort of conversation, hoping the man wasn't completely monosyallbic.

Yomi nodded and closed the door. He stared at Kaoru's hand for a moment and then took the pack and lighter from Kaoru. "Thank you." He offered softly, sliding down against the wall and sitting on the floor. He pulled out a cigarette and tucked it between his lips, lighting it, and taking a long drag off of it. He felt a little better, and was even a little glad that he had ventured down here. Yomi looked to his hand when Kaoru told him to chill out, and realized it was still shaking. He shook it a few times, extending fingers in a vain attempt to stop shaking. He tried to think of something to say to Kaoru, but was taken off guard by him saying that he could have them. His heart leapt into his throat as he thumbed the lighter. "Are...you sure?" He asked, his mind racing at the thouht of what he could do with that lighter. His face didnt show what he was thinking though. He still had the same innocent, sort of nieve expression that he had walked into the room with. Friendly, if not painfully shy. He took another drag off his cigarette as he listened to Kaoru.

Kaoru sighed, realizing the man was staying so know he had to talk. "Burn the fucking building down if you want, I don't give a rat's ass. It might even be an improvement." He turned his head and looked at Yomi again, watching him stare at the lighter, wondering if his suggestion wasn't too far off from what the man was thinking. He did hate it here, but he had no place else to go so burning the building would actually be bad. "Hmmm, maybe that wasn't the best idea then." He stood up and walked over to Yomi, grabbing the lighter out of his hands. "I think it would be best if I kept that, wouldn't you agree?" He lowered himself down and stared at Yomi, his eyebrow raising slightly. "You're really fucked up aren't you? I think I'm the only goddamned normal one here, even the fucking doctors are screwed up." He shook his head, sighing heavily, blowing more smoke in Yomi's face. "I hate this shit hole I really do." He walked back over to his bed, throwing the lighter on down and laying back down, shaking his head still.

Yomi smiled a little at his comment about burning the place down. He would never burn down the place he was staying in...he learned that lesson when he was younger. But it was an amusing thought none the less. Yomi backed up against the wall again, staring into Kaoru's eyes, totally taken by surprise by Kaorus sudden burst of what he perseved as anger. He pressed his now empty hand against the wall, wishing that the lighter was still there. He went pale as he stared up at Kaoru. How had he known what he was thinking? He hadnt looked at the lighter longer then to light his cigarette. He hadnt made any comment about wanting to burn anything. He had just asked for a cigarette. His heart was beating wildly, making his head thump. A pain clutched his heart when Kaoru called him fucked up. This was why he didnt come out into public. This was why he stopped talking to people. He coughed when Kaoru blew smoke into his face. He pushed away from the wall and ran over to the door, yanking it open so hard that it slammed against the wall and bolted out of the room. He didnt get far since his own doctor was making his way down the hall to come and visit him. He Yomi froze where he was, lit cigarette still in one hand. The doctor stopped and looked at Yomi, "What...in the... Get him!" The doctor yelled at two male orderlies, indicating to Yomi. Yomi tried to run, dropping the cigarette onto the ground. He was body checked by the orderlies, who ended up with much more then they realized as Yomi started fighting them. He was screaming and yelling, and biting and pinching and all that fun stuff...amazingly strong for someone so tiny. It took 4 orderlies to take him back to his room, and they disapeared behind the door.

Kaoru walked to the door when Yomi ran out, not surprised at all that he had reacted that way. He partly did it to push his buttons anyway, annoyed enough that the man had been in his room as long as he had. He watched him struggle with the guards, his arms crossed, laughing loudly, shaking his head. "Fucking moron, you'll never win." He saw the doctor approach him, rolling his eyes. "Don't even fucking start with me asshole, he brought it on himself." He lit up another cigarette, watching the door close. "He won't last here at all, they will stick him in lockdown, fucking watch." He smirked, turning around and walking back into his room, slamming the door in the doctor's face that tried to follow him in. No one comes into his room, the idea that he even invited Yomi was stupid and he vowed no to do it again. "Momentary insanity, fucking prick." He layed back down on his bed, returning to his daily task of staring at the ceiling.

Yomi: After a while the orderlies left the room chuckling to themselves. The doctor tried to talk to Yomi, but it him no use. Yomi was way to upset to even try and reason with him. So the doctor let him know that he would return later on. Later on when Yomi had calmed down, and they had removed the restraints Yomi had kicked himself mentally for even trying to trust someone else. He hated Kaoru now...and wanted to burn down this building...if only to spite Kaoru. Not that it really matter what he was thinking at this moment, there was no way he was going to get his hands on a ligter anytime in the near future. And worse yet, he really wanted those cigarettes. He should have just left the room while he was ahead. He sighed unhappily, whishing he hadnt tortched the abdonded building, which took away his freedom. He stayed up all night, and refused to eat breakfast the next morning. Fuck them all...He was never going to leave this room until they had to drag his rotting corpse out. Yomi had even gone to the lengths to lock them out, pushing his bed and dresser infront of the door. Which of course did not make the staff very happy.
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[[rofl xD;;; great job guys <3 xD]]
:o! That was fun.