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Finally getting around to it...

Your name: Ali (deadly__claris)
Jrocker: Shinya
Band: Dir en grey
Aslyum position: Nurse*
Jrocker Livejournal: shiruetto
AIM: with quiet love

Note: Do NOT be afraid to IM me. I am extremely shy and, until I get to know you really well, probably won't IM you first for any sort of interaction. I am not mean. In fact, I'm really nice most of the time, so feel free to IM me whenever you want to, for anything like chat/RP/whatever, even if my away message is on. <3

This Shin I have in mind is odd. He's not exactly the sanest cracker in the box (pretend that makes sense). I was a bit skeptical of making him a nurse, but we already have so many patients and I think it might be interesting to see how everyone handles a not-so-sane nurse.

Of course, he's not batshit insane or anything; he doesn't paint on the walls with blood or sacrifice butterflies to some Bohemian god. He just suffers from undiagnosed problems that go largely unaddressed/ignored (bi-polar, mild schizophrenia, etc., etc.). If you have a problem with it then let me know and I'll change him to a patient.
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